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15 Questions "White Christmas" Left Unanswered

How do you stop an angry dog from biting you on Monday?

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2. Is this the only number Betty and Judy perform in their floor show?

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Come on, ladies, this can't be your only song.


5. Are Betty and Judy wanted fugitives?

Technically they're still on the run from the law because they left when they were wanted for arrest. And shouldn't Bob and Phil also be targets because they helped the girls escape?

7. How much is wow?

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It's somewhere between "ouch" and "boing", but that tells us nothing.


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Maybe Phil is trying to assert himself in this pointless number.


14. How do they manage to get all these veterans and their families and friends into the inn without General Waverly noticing?

Also, it's kind of silly that Waverly didn't suspect anything when Emma sent everything except his army uniform to the cleaners.

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