17 Alternatives To Taking Your New Husband’s Last Name

    Just spitballing here.

    1. Use your husband's last name at work, your last name at home, and Brad Pitt's last name to open a new bank account.

    2. Connect your last name and your husband's name with a semicolon.

    3. Write your husband's last name and your last name on a piece of paper. Cross out all the consonants and make a new, fun, unpronounceable name out of the vowels.

    4. Open your 6th grade journal. Find the person whose last name you adopted to scrawl "Mrs. Soandso" over and over in purple pen. Take that guy's last name.

    5. Drop all your names and start using a symbol instead. Order a stamp from Etsy with your symbol on it. Do not lose your stamp.

    6. Change your last name to Maiden. (Optional: Change your first name to Iron.)

    7. Find a name in your family tree that your soon-to-be-husband refuses to use for your future child. Use that for your last name.

    8. Look at what's inside your refrigerator. Why not use something in there as your last name?

    9. Use your mother-in-law's maiden name as your last name.

    10. Use your husband's name on your social security card, your name on your international immunization card, and for Facebook, use your pet's name as your first name and the street you live on as your last name. Oh wait, that's something else.

    11. If you and your future husband both have hyphenated names, then connect all your names with dashes.

    12. Place all the letters from your last name and your husband's last names in a hat. Throw the hat into the sea. Wait to see if the sea returns any of the letters to you, and if it does, form them into a new last name.

    13. Do you have a favorite word? Do NOT use that as your last name. That's bad luck.

    14. Throw a dart at a dartboard. Use whatever number you hit for your last name. Use that number when you play roulette, too.

    15. Use the name of your first pet as your new last name. Change all your internet passwords so they're no longer the name of your first pet.

    16. Have you always wanted to sound European? Try adding a "Le" or "Mc" before your new husband's last name.

    17. Bring home a can of alphabet soup for dinner, and make your new husband heat it up in the microwave. Turn off all the lights. Light some candles, dip a spoon in the soup, and see what letters appear. Now you have your new last name and a great story for the possible future children who will share it.