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15 Intensely Relatable Tweets For Anyone Who Loves Girl Scout Cookies

Did someone say cookie SZN?!

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1. You start with good intentions. Those don't last too long.

Kinda wanna be healthy kinda wanna lay in bed and eat 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies

2. You would do anything for just one more box.

i know i ate all of the girl scout cookies ... so why do I continue to look for them in the pantry??

3. And when you find one, it makes you believe in miracles again.

i forgot i got some girl scout cookies in the freezer im bout to cry of happiness

4. When you don't have cookies, it can get emotional.

I just found out my dad ate all the Girl Scout cookies and I may have shed a few tears #itsbeenalongweek

5. It can also get emotional when you do have them.

my parents surprised me on a saturday night with 4 boxes of girl scout cookies, imma cry

6. Any yet, Girl Scout cookies are the cure.

I don't have one negative emotion that Girl Scout cookies couldn't fix

7. Sometimes you question the intentions of those who don't share your passion.

And why do Girl Scout cookies have an expiration date bc if you aren't finishing them by the end of the week, WYD?!?

8. It may even lead you to reconsider your relationship.

If he doesn't buy you Girl Scout cookies is he really your man?

9. Because you know who your No. 1 relationship is really with.

My husband surprised me with Girl Scout cookies. I'm about to surprise him by not saving any for him. ;-)

10. You have your priorities straight.

Some people have calendars with birthdays/anniversaries/appointments. I have a calendar that marks when my Girl Scout cookies arrive @ work.

11. And you eat a balanced diet.

Like a true college student I just bought booze and girl scout cookies at the same time #dinner

12. Including all sections of the food pyramid.

Do lemonade Girl Scout cookies count as a fruit? 🍋

13. Especially when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

Girl Scout cookies for breakfast. Because why limit your happiness

14. Basically, you're just a really dedicated person and probably know a lot about math.

The limit does not exist when it comes to how many girl scout cookies I will eat

15. So don't let anybody try to change you. And never let them take your cookies.

My dad just chased me through the house to get the girl scout cookies from me.... cash me outside how bout dat

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