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10 Femme Lesbian & Bisexual Celebrities As Babies

Ever wondered what your favourite femme lesbian and bisexual looked like as a baby. Play the guessing game here to see if you can tell.

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1. She's out of this world.

Fortune City / Via

Yes, it's Gillian Anderson of X Files fame - we believe in you!

Starburst Magazine / Via

2. She claimed to like Teddy's but really liked dollies.

Time Inc / Via

It's Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady to Theodore Roosevelt during World War II.

Quiet Revolution / Via

3. Clearly she was a party animal from an early age.

Crushable / Via

It's Lindsay Lohan - famously wild.

4. She grew up on our screens and flew the nest.

Imglop / Via

It's Raven Symone - she's now spread her wings into an all round star.

Fashion Style / Via

5. Would you adopt her?

Daily Mail / Via

It's Angelina Jolie, she can raid my Tomb any day.

Garuyo / Via

6. Painting a picture yet?

Flashbak / Via

It's Frida Kahlo, famous bisexual painter.

nybg / Via

7. She's a having a ball.

charmed verse / Via

It's Miley Cyrus, who has grown up to be an ambassador to the LGBT community.

that1960chick / Via

8. Has she claimed a stake in your heart?

ytimg / Via

It's Kristen Stewart, I'd get my teeth into her.

ew / Via

9. Know who she is or need to call home?

Media cache / Via

It's Drew Barrymore, now she's our angel.

timeinc / Via

10. Have you fallen in love with her yet?

puettner / Via

It's Marlene Dietrich, who told us that sex is muct better with a woman.

doctormarco / Via
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