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    10 Femme Lesbian & Bisexual Celebrities As Babies

    Ever wondered what your favourite femme lesbian and bisexual looked like as a baby. Play the guessing game here to see if you can tell.

    1. She's out of this world.

    Yes, it's Gillian Anderson of X Files fame - we believe in you!

    2. She claimed to like Teddy's but really liked dollies.

    It's Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady to Theodore Roosevelt during World War II.

    3. Clearly she was a party animal from an early age.

    It's Lindsay Lohan - famously wild.

    4. She grew up on our screens and flew the nest.

    It's Raven Symone - she's now spread her wings into an all round star.

    5. Would you adopt her?

    It's Angelina Jolie, she can raid my Tomb any day.

    6. Painting a picture yet?

    It's Frida Kahlo, famous bisexual painter.

    7. She's a having a ball.

    It's Miley Cyrus, who has grown up to be an ambassador to the LGBT community.

    8. Has she claimed a stake in your heart?

    It's Kristen Stewart, I'd get my teeth into her.

    9. Know who she is or need to call home?

    It's Drew Barrymore, now she's our angel.

    10. Have you fallen in love with her yet?

    It's Marlene Dietrich, who told us that sex is muct better with a woman.