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    Are Fans Loving Or Hating The Sandman? The Reactions Are In

    Your reviews will tell me everything...

    In today's edition of fan reactions, I'm taking you on a tour of what people are saying (or borderline stewing) about The Sandman, the fantasy drama that's been the talk of Netflix over the last few weeks.

    So, time to see the divided opinions! (Careful, spoilers pending)...

    1. Morpheus is a genre now, didn't you know?

    Morpheus, who is just chilling on the ground, is one of my favorite genres #TheSandman #TomSturridge

    @KeyleenKT / Netflix / Via Twitter: @keyleenkt

    2. I sense a hint of bitterness in the heading.

    4/10 star user review on IMDB for The Sandman

    3. Imagine: fans getting caught out in the middle of the pub.

    no thoughts, just dream and hob on their dates #TheSandman #dreamling

    @repfolklorian / Netflix / Via Twitter: @repfolklorian

    4. Oh go on then, I guess that's pretty cool.

    The universe inside his coat. The attention to detail in this show is 𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚 👀🤯 #TheSandman

    @Sandman_Netflix / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Sandman_Netflix

    5. According to this watcher, they had one job...

    1/10 star review on IMDB for The Sandman

    6. Fans are loving the little details in the show.

    @355Jess / Netflix / Via Twitter: @355Jess

    7. Death by...Hollywood?

    2/10 user review for The Sandman on IMDB

    8. Is it just me or can Gwendoline Christie do no wrong since GOT?!

    QUEEN #RenewSandman #TheSandman #SandmanWatchparty

    @swirlingthings / Netflix / Via Twitter: @swirlingthings

    9. *Sings* this is Corinthian's world...

    #thesandman #thecorinthian i don't wanna live in a man's world anymore BUT i would live in corinthian's world

    @roosencrantz / Netflix / Via Twitter: @roosencrantz

    10. It's been how many years since this Glee moment became the basis for virtually all future memes? And yet, it still works.

    Dream when creating the Corinthian, probably : #TheSandmanNetflix #TheSandman

    @FeatherRainbow / Via Twitter: @FeatherRainbow

    11. The series was created as a backdrop for someone's graphic artwork? Ha, as if...*changes screensaver*

    Low review of The Sandman on IMDB

    12. Netflix profile icons are the ultimate way to stand by your favourite TV show.


    @Sandman_Netflix / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Sandman_Netflix

    13. Another classic meme reinvented with the story of Morpheus and Hob Gadling.

    Not sure if anyone’s done this already but it’s been in my brain for days so enjoy 😂 #TheSandman #TheSandmanNetflix #Morpheus #HobGadling

    @raikiricosplay / Via Twitter: @raikiricosplay

    14. Is there anything more disappointing than marking a series in your calendar, only for you to regret it instantly?

    2/10 review for The Sandman on IMDB

    15. Meet the new Mervyn Pumpkinhead.

    it’s september, time to become him #RenewSandman #TheSandman

    @swirlingthings / Netflix / Via Twitter: @swirlingthings

    16. Nose dives and squandered...all in one review :(

    3/10 review for The Sandman on IMDB

    17. Any reminder of The Office and I am on board. Also, this is hilarious.

    @elekanejshipper / Deedle-Dee Productions / Via Twitter: @elekanejshipper

    18. I liked this one for the passion.

    2/10 review from user on The Sandman, IMDB

    19. This level of enthusiasm, please.

    me after watching literally any scene from the show #TheSandman

    @swirlingthings / Netflix / Via Twitter: @swirlingthings

    The Sandman is definitely dividing viewers across the Netflix streaming platform, but where do you stand?