Here's What Fans Have To Say About "Knock At The Cabin"

    There's a divide in opinions on M. Night Shyamalan's latest movie.

    Knock At The Cabin was released in cinemas last Friday, and fans are already dissecting the movie and serving up their opinions.

    Dave Bautista in Knock At The Cabin

    The plot follows a family of three as their remote cabin vacation is interrupted by four strangers who hold them hostage, whilst demanding that the family sacrifice one of their own to avert an impending apocalypse.

    Jonathan Groff in Knock At The Cabin

    1. This fan seemed to love everything about the new film:

    Loved KNOCK AT THE CABIN, Night's latest intense, personal, deeply, deeply weird examination of faith, doubt, and certainty, and how they each have the power to be both redemptive and truly unspeakably terrible. Stylish as hell, and Bautista kills it.

    @Lons /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @Lons

    2. Whilst one viewer may have left the cinema like this:

    that knock at the cabin ending…

    @dorotheaivys / Sony Pictures Television Studios / Via Twitter: @dorotheaivys

    3. One watcher fears for their lost time:

    Knock at the Cabin was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back

    @aidanthereup / Evolution Media / Via Twitter: @aidanthereup

    4. Another is here for Shyamalan's consistency with great child actors:

    One of my favorite parts of KNOCK AT THE CABIN was Kristen Cui’s effortlessly endearing performance, and while watching it, I was really struck by how consistent M. Night Shyamalan is at getting great work out of child actors

    @ZoeRoseBryant /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant

    5. One fan thinks the director consistently fumbles the third act in his films:

    As per usual M. Night fumbles the third act. It's almost as if he loses creative focus and ability in the final 20 minutes of all of his films. I guess he's more about the journey than the destination.... #KnockAtTheCabin

    @theFLICKpick / Via Twitter: @theFLICKpick

    6. While this viewer was struck by the opening scene:

    Opening scene of Knock at the Cabin is an absolute corker

    @strangeharbors /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @strangeharbors

    7. This fan enjoyed the film but is still thinking on the ending:

    KNOCK AT THE CABIN is really good, even if I’m still wrestling with the ending a bit (not necessarily in a bad way tho!). The whole cast is great here, but KNOCK gives Dave Bautista the chance to work at a totally new level & he is AMAZING. #KnockAtTheCabin

    @thehorrorchick /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @thehorrorchick

    8. One viewer thinks it's Shyamalan's best film since The Village:

    Knock at the Cabin: Blown away by Shyamalan’s formal dexterity at full blast. His best since The Village with stunning tension, performances, and visual elegance. Book lovers will be divided, but I adored the change to the novel’s gut-punch ending to something much more textured.

    @strangeharbors /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @strangeharbors

    9. But, another blames the screenplay for their feelings of frustration with the movie:

    Feel VERY frustrated with Knock at the Cabin. Solid performances and bold direction, but the screenplay is god awful. The dialogue is used as a crutch rather than a tool. The plot is painfully obvious. The final act completely undercuts all of the prior tension. Idk, not for me.

    @tmtalksmovies /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @tmtalksmovies

    10. One fan simply thinks the film is perfect:

    Since screenings without NDAs have happened and more people have seen it (but letterboxd still has reviews hidden because the embargo hasn’t lifted), I guess I’ll talk. OH MY GOD KNOCK AT THE CABIN IS PERFECT I LOVE IT SO MUCH MOVIE OF THE YEAR HIS BEST WORK SINCE SIGNS

    @rigbygender / Via Twitter: @rigbygender

    11. Yet this viewer makes a good point. Is it really a Shyamalan film without his signature twist?

    Knock at the Cabin (2023) Although this was an improvement on M. Night Shyamalan’s recent films and I enjoyed the spin on home invasion genre, I was disappointed his signature twist never came. It kicks off right away so it’s pretty fast paced, somewhat predictable but decent.

    @shallotandfilms /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @shallotandfilms

    12. One watcher loved the film but apparently wanted some more graphic kills:

    Knock at the Cabin fucking rules. My only complaint is that, despite being M. Nite's first R-rated film in two decades, the kills are less graphic than they were in Old.

    @0liviaolive / Via Twitter: @0liviaolive

    13. Sometimes, the more you think about something, the worse it feels:

    The more I think about #KnockAtTheCabin movie after watching it the more I realized how flawed and bad it was. Had high hopes but definitely wasn’t worth it, so many holes.

    @PuttyNam / Via Twitter: @PuttyNam

    14. Apparently, Dave Bautista wears glasses when his performances get serious:

    I enjoyed #KnockAtTheCabin. Maybe not as much as Old (2021). But it's still a good watch. (Also, I like the fact now that whenever Dave Bautista wears glasses, he's going to give a very *serious* performance.) My ★★★ review on @letterboxd:

    @alexnde95 /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @alexnde95

    15. One viewer thinks the film was just okay, but appreciated Kristen Cui:

    #KnockAtTheCabin was just aight. 6/10. I wanna read the book. Kristen Cui. 🥰 That’s it.

    @beingbridavis / Via Twitter: @beingbridavis

    16. Another watcher warns you not to waste your time or money:

    Yeah, this movie was just a waste of time. Zero rewatch value, and frankly... Quite boring. I want my money back, and I didn't pay shit to watch It. #KnockAtTheCabin

    @BishopCognac / Via Twitter: @BishopCognac

    17. "P.S. not for kids":

    I went to see #KnockAtTheCabin today. Wow... I'm really impressed with the acting, and the story is great. It's really thought-provoking and well done. Go check it out. That's my advice. Enjoy. P.S. not for kids.

    @Yoshi7891 /  Blinding Edge Pictures / Via Twitter: @Yoshi7891

    18. Finally, this watcher had one simple word to highlight how they found the film:

    @MichaelDriffy / Via Twitter: @MichaelDriffy

    Have you seen Knock At The Cabin yet? What did you think?