Here's The Low Down On Robert Eggers New Viking Film, "The Northman"

    Facts about the latest epic historical fiction film.

    With the success of History Channel's Vikings and Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, it’s safe to say that there’s been an appetite over the last few years for stories surrounding the Viking era and the mythology that comes with it.

    Now, thanks to director Robert Eggers' latest flick, you can sit back and watch an epic Viking story unfold on the big screen.

    ViaTHE NORTHMAN, US poster, Alexander Skarsgard, 2022

    So, whether it’s on your watchlist or re-watch list, buckle down and get set to learn everything you need to know about The Northman.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!

    1. The Northman is directed by Robert Eggers.

    robert eggers in the water

    2. It’s likely the biggest Viking film to hit theaters since 2009.

    One-eye Viking in the mountains

    3. The Northman's storytelling centers around historic fiction.

    Burning buildings with a shadow watching

    4. It pulls in a fair bit of mythology, too.

    Viking King returning home on horse and carriage, in snowy weather

    5. Eggers tried to stay as historically accurate as possible.

    A woman dressed with shells over her face and feather-like headwear

    6. The Northman focuses on three key themes.

    Viking uncle post-battle

    7. The story is not actually as unique as it sounds.

    Illustration from Hamlet by William Shakespeare

    8. It defies the typical Viking genre.

    A Valkyrie warrior charging forwards

    9. The Northman offers surprisingly complex female characters.

    anya taylor joy looking at her hands

    10. Even the director is surprised with the movie.

    Robert Eggers at The Northman premiere

    11. Eggers originally intended to remake Nosferatu.

    Nosferatu vampire stood on a boat

    12. Eggers co-wrote The Northman with an Icelandic poet.

    Viking warrior on a boat

    13. The Northman dishes up some huge stars.

    Cast of the Northman at the premiere

    14. Some of the cast have worked together before.

    Anya Taylor-Joy greeting each other at the Northman premiere

    15. One star made their return to acting after 22 years for The Northman.

    Bjork at an event, dressed in a red and cream dress

    16. The Northman could pave the way for this budding actor.

    A young viking boy smiling into the distance

    17. Bill Skarsgård was meant to star in the film.

    Actor Bill Skarsgard headshot

    18. Alexander Skarsgård actually wanted to make a Viking film for years.

    Berker warrior screaming in battle, wearing a helmet made of bear skin

    19. Alexander Skarsgård did a whole lot of preparation for The Northman.

    Viking Warrior in battle

    20. The cinematographer for The Northman has worked with Eggers before.

    Waves crashing in between rocks as a young boy tries to push a boat out to sea

    21. It’s Robert Eggers’ first movie not made with A24.

    Viking ritual over a burning fire

    22. A LOT of work went into the costumes.

    soliders in a field

    23. Anya Taylor-Joy says you’ve never seen anything like The Northman.

    anya in the film

    24. The Northman doesn’t shy away from brutality.

    Viking warrior in battle surrounded by fire

    25. It actually feels like a horror movie.

    A nearly naked woman in the middle of the forest

    26. The budget was huge.

    scene from the northman

    27. You’ll be surprised where it was filmed.

    A young child in the middle of the snowy forest

    28. Filming locations meant that it wasn’t easy-going for the crew.

    Tied up prisoners walking through harsh conditions

    29. COVID-19 delayed filming.

    filming behind the scenes

    30. The Northman was the first feature film for its composers.

    bjork in the movie

    31. The Northman has already won an award.

    Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman

    32. If you like these, you’ll enjoy The Northman.

    A soldier from the TV series The Last Kingdom

    Have you seen The Northman? Tell me what you thought of it in the comments, or let me know if I've inspired you to check it out!