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    • juliettej

      I can understand where PETA is coming from and it looks like it has done some good work as an organisation, but I don’t think it is a hot-headed, knee-jerk reaction to question the wisdom of some of these adverts. I can understand that PETA regards the general situation of millions of people worldwide eating meat as aggravating and inflammatory. Perhaps it would be best, then, if they didn’t produce aggravating and inflammatory adverts. I was interested to read the comments here on BuzzFeed about the PETA adverts. It looks like a lot of these people were perhaps open to PETA’s message before seeing some of the ads - “these make me want to eat a beef jerky” - but not afterwards. Perhaps not all publicity is good publicity, even from within a single organisation’s walls. I think we still live in an age where people, females especially, are often accused of spoiling the fun if they (we) have anything at all to say about adverts featuring naked/half-naked women - more generally, about Page 3 (in the U.K.) and lads’ magazines and the like. At best, I think, it is one mode of socio-sexual expression, and shouldn’t be the default.  Off now to eat some beans and drink green tea.

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