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    These "Unstainable" White Shirts Seem Like Magic But Could Be Yours

    Attention klutzes, Elizabeth & Clarke has white clothes just for you.

    It's basically a law of physics that it's impossible to wear white without getting something on your shirt. But designer Elizabeth & Clarke says they've created an "Unstainable White Shirt" for women.

    Coffee, eggs, and condiments all glide off the fabric instead of sticking.

    The company uses nanotechnology to repel oil- and water-based liquids.

    In just over a week, they've met their goal three times over. If they hit their stretch goal of $250,000, Elizabeth & Clarke pledged they will make all four shirt styles in both petites and plus sizes.

    The T-shirt is fittingly dubbed "The Liz Lemon."

    She'd never let her appetite get in the way of rocking white.

    The three blouse styles are currently going for $50 and the T-shirt for $25 on Kickstarter.

    Though the idea seems novel, stain-free clothing isn't that new. Similar stain-defying clothes have already been on the market for a couple of years.

    Spill away, friends.