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    This Woman Wants Lego To Create Her Set Of Female Supreme Court Justices

    Notorious RBG in miniature is everything you hoped she'd be.

    The women U.S. Supreme Court justices, past and present, are now in Lego form.

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

    Because who wouldn't want a pocket-size Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

    Plus Sonia Sotomayor, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Elena Kagan. Together, they form what creator Maia Weinstock calls the "Legal Justice League."

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

    "They’re amazing and they’re trailblazers and clearly role models for girls who are interested in law and government," the 37-year-old told BuzzFeed News.

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

    Unfortunately, the figurines aren't on the market — Weinstock tried to get Lego to manufacture the Supreme Court set, but it was rejected from the company's Ideas contest for being "political," she said.

    Screenshot / Via

    She and other supporters are considering launching a petition to have Lego reconsider.

    "I don't particularly feel that this set was political," Weinstock said. "It's justices and it's really more about law, but apparently they disagreed."

    In the last four years, Weinstock, a science journalist, has also designed her own figures representing famous scientists and musicians, many of them women — like leading chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall.

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

    And Swedish recording artist Robyn.

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

    "Girls definitely have fewer role models to look up to in toys and media," Weinstock told BuzzFeed News. "I know how much encouragement really affects how girls can perceive whether they can go further on in life."

    Maia Weinstock / Via Flickr: pixbymaia

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