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  • Music Theory

    What square measure these dots on a page referred to as notes? You already perceive additional regarding musical notes than you think that. Once you hear a song you’ll hear that some components square measure quicker or slower than others. You’ll conjointly hear that the tune rises, falls or stays identical. Duration When the notes appear to vary from quick to slow - this is often referred to as length. Musicians from years gone found out a system that I compare to cash. a straightforward example is that some notes last for four (semibreves or whole notes) - think about these like four greenbacks. Some notes last for three, two and one (again, suppose in terms of greenbacks - three greenbacks, two greenbacks and one dollar). There square measure even additional divisions, however I will not get into the Nitti gritty here. Simply try and imagine that if you’ll divide four greenbacks into smaller coins, then that’s quite like however musical notes work. Pitch When the tune rises and falls this has to get diagrammatical somehow on written music. If you look closely you may see that musical notes square measure placed on and around five lines. The upper up a note is placed on the lines, the upper the note sounds (think of the fat woman singing). The lower the note is on the lines, then the lower the note sounds. Lastly… some instruments will play an oversized vary of notes - just like the piano. Different instruments square measure restricted to a smaller vary of notes. Some instruments square measure low sounding - just like the guitar, and might solely play a spread of low notes. Different instruments just like the flute square measure high sounding and might solely play inside a spread of high notes (YouTube these instruments to listen). The piano, on the opposite hand will play high, low and medium notes- thus it will play an oversized vary of notes. We tend to decision this high low stuff vary. Range It is vital to know vary once reading notes, as a result of you may notice that there square measure two main kinds of clefs employed in music - G clef, and clef. If you’re learning the guitar you may play notes solely on the clef as a result of the clef is for low notes and therefore the guitar will solely play low notes. If you’re learning the flute you may play notes solely on the G clef as a result of the G clef is for top notes and therefore the flute will solely play high notes. If you’re learning the piano, you may browse notes on each the treble and clef as a result of the piano will play each high and low notes.

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