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    You Won't Believe What This Dress Is Made Out Of

    What a delicious waste.

    Cute dress, no? What if I told you it's made ENTIRELY FROM CHOCOLATE?!?!

    Splash News /Landov

    And it debuted during the U.K.'s Chocolate Week.

    Caroline McCall, the costume designer behind Downton Abbey, and Lindt chocolatier Stefan Bruderer created the frock with food artist Paul Wayne.

    Nick Briggs

    It required 132 pounds of chocolate and took three months to make.

    Seems like an EGREGIOUS misuse of delicious chocolate, but whatever.

    The dress is super Art Deco-inspired.

    Splash News / Landov

    “From the first sketches that took inspiration from such a timeless period of decadence," said Bruderer, "we knew we had the makings of an exquisite design combining high fashion and gastronomy."

    Frankly, we'd rather be eating it.