Say "Thanks, Obama" With A Bunch Of Thank You Obama Tee Shirts

    It's Chance The Rapper approved.

    Still looking for a way to express your gratitude to former President Barack Obama?

    Then may we suggest the THANK YOU OBAMA collection from Joe Freshgoods as a small token of your appreciation?

    Here's Chance The Rapper modeling the whole kit.

    The collection includes a tee featuring Obama emulating Notorious B.I.G.'s famous crown portrait.

    Oh, and an airbrushed tee commemorating Barack and Michelle's wedding anniversary? CHECK.

    The Malia shirt says "We all smoke, it's OK."

    There's also a class of '81 shirt because, yeah, that's when Barry went to Harvard.

    And a basketball jersey and sweatshirt celebrating Obama as our 44th president.

    So yeah: