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    17 Struggles Every Clean Roommate Knows To Be True


    Your roommates. They are gross sometimes.

    When you're the clean roommate, you are ALWAYS CLEANING.

    I feel like I'm always freaking cleaning.. I love my roommates, but damn, it's not that hard to clean up after yourself. #roommateproblems

    It's like:

    This is you, too.

    Messy roommates do not operate on the same time-space continuum as the rest of us.

    This has been here for TWO FCKING DAYS. Clean up after your nasty self!! #roommateproblems

    Also, they do not understand how butter works.

    You stop cleaning, with the futile hope that maybe they'll notice and start doing their share, but NOPE.

    I caved on the bathroom but I will not clean the kitchen #roommateproblems

    It can make you feel crazy ~passive aggressive~.

    "I can clean that right now" "oh can you? I don't want to interrupt your video games and unemployment." *silence* #roommateproblems

    Shit can get REAL GROSS.

    I just LOVE having to clean someone else's blood off the toilet seat! 😡 #RoommateProblems

    Reaaaaal gross.

    My roommate should not leave her snot rags lying around the living room! #grossroommate @msavannaha

    Mold level gross.

    You know, I was not aware that hot chocolate could mold but thanks to my roommate I now know it's pretty fucking disgusting😭😷

    Especially when pets are involved.

    I mean come on. Who lets their dog piss and shit in the house and just walks over it rather than clean it up? #disgusting #roommateproblems

    Ultimately, it's like they just don't have the same PRIORITIES as you.

    When your roommate can watch adventure time all night... But can't clean his own dishes.. #roommateproblems

    Like that bit of toothpaste they drooled in the bathroom sink? Not a priority.

    5 days left of classes but 13 more of dealing with this crap. #grossroommate #luckyme #sarcasm

    And why take out the garbage when you can start a trash mountain instead?

    This was JUST for water bottles!!! Ughhhh #GrossRoommate #GetItTogether There's literally a trash can RIGHT there

    Every place is a potential trash mountain to your messy roommate.

    This is a bathroom, not a hamper. #roommatestruggles


    It would never occur to my roommate to clean this. #roommateproblems

    Or, perhaps, at all.

    Which yes, is super annoying. Just don't ever let your frustration get out of hand. You do NOT want to be this guy.

    Man what? "@PzFeed: Florida Man Stabs Roommate During Argument Over Dirty Towel. FULL STORY: "