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    17 Surprising AF Uses For Stuff You've Probably Already Got In Your Kitchen

    You can use your dishwasher to cook food. YES YOU CAN.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. A veggie peeler can also create super cool cheese or chocolate curls.

    Use cheese curls to garnish your salads or honestly, just peel chocolate off the block like you know you want to.

    Get your own from Amazon for $8.99.

    2. And a colander can double as the perfect ice bucket.

    Simply fill it up with ice and put it in a larger bowl. That way the melted ice water will drip into the bowl and you won't have a water ice bucket.

    Get your own colander from Amazon for $9.18.

    3. But! If you don't have one, you can use a salad spinner instead.

    BONUS! You can also use your salad spinner to make cool spin art! Find out more here.

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    4. Use a pizza cutter to cut pizza OR a ton of other things.

    You can use it for pizza, of course, but also use it for cutting sandwiches or waffles — even brownies.

    5. Don't have a rolling pin? Use a chilled bottle of wine.

    And while your pie or whatever is baking, DRINK THE DAMN BOTTLE. How's THAT for double duty.

    6. If you're trying to cut corn from the cob, use a bundt pan to save all the kernels.

    7. Yeah, sure, an ice cream scoop scoops ice cream. But it's also great for scooping muffin or cupcake batter into tins.

    Simply spray the scooper with cooking spray for optimal use. You can also use a scooper to make perfectly round meatballs or falafels.

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    8. Egg slicers slice eggs, but they do ~so much more~.

    Stop risking your precious fingers for perfect slices. You can use an egg slicer on mushrooms, mozzarella balls, strawberries, bananas, avocados, olives — even hot dogs, if that's your thing.

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    9. Muffin tins can also double as great ice cube or popsicle trays.

    You can ALSO use the underside of a muffin tin (the metal ones, anyway) to make taco bowls. Find out how here.

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    10. Use a box grater to grate cold, hard butter when you're baking.

    Christine Gallary

    It softens quickly and it incorporates into recipes more easily when you grate it. Find out more here.

    11. Why bother buying cake pans when you can use your cast iron skillet to bake cakes and cobblers.

    Try this peach and blueberry cobbler cast iron skillet recipe.

    And if you're in the market for a quality cast iron skillet, get this one from Amazon for $23.99.

    12. Chopsticks are great for SO many things.

    Use 'em to eat Japanese or Thai or Chinese food, but you can also use them to scramble up your eggs or help pit olives or cherries. Learn more here.

    And get some reusable chopsticks of your own from Amazon for $2.99.

    13. Use a pastry blender to blend dough — and so much more.

    You can use it to mash up avocados, soft-boiled potatoes, or hard boiled eggs. And you can also use one to tenderize meat.

    You can get one from Amazon for $8.99.

    14. Yes, you CAN use your dishwasher to cook!

    I mean, if you want to. If you've got stuff that needs to be cooked on low temperature (like poached pears) and for SOME REASON you want to use your dishwasher, by all means! But just make sure you're using well-sealed, heat-proof containers, like canning jars.

    15. OK, so a carving fork is super helpful when you're trying to cut a huge hunk of meat. But! It's also useful when you've got a big pot of pasta.

    Use a fork or spoon at the base, and spin your pasta around the carving fork to create a neat little bird's nest of noodles.

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    16. Stick your lemons and limes in the microwave for around 20 seconds to get more juice outta them if you're juicing them.


    17. And use a coffee grinder to grind up spices bc there's honestly nothing better than freshly ground cinnamon, clove, or cardamom.

    Now get out there and kill it in the kitchen!