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    26 Fashion Folks Tell Us What They'd Change About The Fashion Industry

    Stripes and canes are IN, attitudes are OUT.

    1. Maeve, stylist, and Beagy, stylist

    2. Sean, blogger

    3. Briy, model (far right)

    4. Zachary, student

    5. Ahmed

    "There should be more focus on the dapper style."

    6. Deryck, designer

    "I preferred Fashion Week at Bryant Park."

    7. Nathan, model

    "I want more dance."

    8. Adam Bobby, designer Bobby's Bowties

    9. Pedro

    "Contamination. Factories are bad for the environment. Fast fashion is bad for the environment."

    10. Kingo

    11. Romeo

    12. Nicoletta, stylist

    13. Yanyan and Shonicc

    14. Wickett

    15. Dawilda

    16. Festy and Chaby, style bloggers from Hungary

    17. Sandi, stylist and blogger

    18. Delon, stylist

    19. Yazmin

    20. Kie

    21. Darlene

    22. Jamal and Faustina, stylists and bloggers

    23. Curran J.

    24. Paola, stylist and designer

    25. Nassier, model

    26. Al, Stylist