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    Women Are Getting Dead Scorpion Manicures And It's Pretty Intense

    *Stefon voice* The hottest beauty trend is poisonous animals in your nails.

    Hello there, notice something a bit crazy in that fingernail? Why, that's a dead baby scorpion.

    You know, like the predatory, poisonous animal that can sting the crap out of you.


    Women in Mexico have lately been applying scorpions to their nails as decoration to liven up their manicures.

    (So they've actually been doing this for a while, but it just blew up as a trend again recently!)

    According to PopSugar, the idea for scorpion nail art originated with Durango, Mexico–based scorpion fanatic Lupita Garcia. She concocted the crazy plan with her friend Rocío Vidales, who happened to own a nail salon.

    The scorpions are applied with tweezers to the nail, and then coated with a thick acrylic paste.

    And don't worry, they're LONG DEAD before they make their way onto customers' fingers.


    Most are less than a week old when they're killed for use in the nail art.

    And yes, the stingers are left on.

    And here's the finished product:

    @katealbano / Via

    This definitely says "do not fuck with me."

    @cheetorad / Via

    For stateside scorpion lovers who are looking to get this done, you'll unfortunately have to travel to Mexico — for now.

    @annas_trendynails / Via