Why You Need To Be Watching “Fashion Bros”

Do you even fashion, bro?

1. Meet Lawrence and James.

Fashion Bros

2. They’re the bros behind Complex’s weekly fashion series “Fashion Bros.”

3. “Fashion Bros” deconstructs the ridiculousness of fashion-y dude streetstyle:

Fashion Bros

4. They discuss their favorite stupidly overpriced designer fashion items.

Fashion Bros

Fashion Bros


Yes, a $135 tee shirt is STUPID. As are $545 basketball shoes that you’ll never actually wear to play basketball.

5. And they are really, really, funny.

6. Sometimes they have cool guest bros on, like ultimate street style bro, Nick Wooster.

Fashion Bros

(For more on WoostGod, check out his website.)

7. Other times, they just imitate celebs.

Fashion Bros


Fashion Bros


9. They understand that fashion shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Fashion Bros


But making fun of your best bro? Definitely should.

10. Check out all the episodes here.

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