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    5 Women Tried On A Bunch Of Suits And Here's What Happened

    "I kind of felt like I was putting on a different personality."

    How did it feel to wear a suit?

    I don’t wear suits and it’s very rare that I’m even wearing pants in general. Pants tend to feel really restrictive and I feel most powerful when I’m presenting in a hyper feminine way. But, it was fun, and exhilarating. I felt powerful in a different kind of way. I commanded a different kind of attention.

    I wear blazers a lot, but one of my biggest hesitations with suits is finding pants that fit. Most of the time I try on suit pants they won’t fit my hips or they’ll make my ass really flat. Trying this suit on has made me want to invest in one really nicely tailored suit.

    Hannah is wearing:

    H&M Black Pants, $39.99

    H&M Blazer with White Piping, $39.99 (Not available online)


    Are you a big suit wearer?

    I never liked wearing dresses and I feel much more comfortable in a suit. They match my personality more and I don’t find them as restrictive. Also, I think they're a bit more casual than dresses.

    How do you feel when you wear a suit?

    I identify as a femme tomboy, so when I wear suits, I feel a bit more powerful and authoritative. I love that. I think that women should be like that anyway but I try and keep in mind that it can be intimidating to other people.

    How do you feel wearing a suit?

    I tend to be a little stressed out about structured, fitted clothes of any kind because they're really difficult to find for a plus size body. So I was pleasantly surprised that this fit! I was feeling my look a lot more than I expected to. It makes me feel my age, instead of like a garbage youth.

    I feel like someone would look at me and think that I’m a young professional who can actually afford my student loans (which is a look that I don’t pull off often). I feel like I should fucking lean in and ask for a raise.

    What's something you learned from this experience?

    You don’t have to buy tailored pants. There’s a market for fake tailored pants and you should abuse it. For me, it wouldn’t be worth it to buy tight fitted pants to look good and feel uncomfortable. Eventually, I’d love to get a real tailored suit. Until then, this is a pretty good work around.

    Do you typically wear suits?

    The first time I wore a suit was a few weeks ago for a wedding. I thought it was terrible. Buying a suit was really, really intimidating. I didn’t think I could buy a women’s suit because I didn't think I would like a women’s style. But I ended up buying a women’s blazer and cropped men’s trousers from ASOS.

    What does it feel like to wear a suit?

    It feels really nice to wear a suit. When I wore a suit for the wedding I decided to wear suspenders instead of a belt. I fell in love with suspenders. I felt way more confident. And suit pants make me feel like I actually have a butt.

    How did it feel to wear a suit?

    I don’t normally wear suits, but Iove women in suits and could look at women in suits all day. I’m kind of sad to take this off, actually.

    I kind of felt like I was putting on a different personality. I felt like I wanted to be in front of people and I wanted to be seen. I want to put myself in some kind of spotlight. I felt like I felt really good in a suit, but maybe it’s just that I really liked the structure of it, and I liked the feel of being really, really well dressed.

    Do you have any reservations about this suit?

    I’m waiting for a time when suits for women are given as much care as suits for men. For women, it’s like, oh, your dress size is a six or an eight, but it doesn’t translate into suits. I want suits to want to want me.

    Ladies, you got suit feelings? Share your success (or horror) stories in the comments below!

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