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    Twitter Is Completely Obsessed With Lady Gaga's Gloves

    Red gloves 4ever.

    The red gloves Lady Gaga wore to the Academy Awards are totally amazing/ridiculous.

    And they've become the unexpected darlings of the Twitterverse.

    Lady Gaga's red gloves may be gone, but they'll live in my heart forever:

    Gaga's been Photoshopped every which way.

    Lady Gaga's red gloves win the Internet! #Oscars2015 #LadyGagaOscars2015

    But mostly because it looks like she's ready to go to town with a bucket of Pine Sol.

    Here she is baking cookies for Keira Knightley.

    There is a whole thread for Gaga's red gloves on ATRL💀💀

    And here she is taking care of this messy kitchen.

    Those dirty dishes? No problem.

    This mess? She's got it.

    Right after she's done polishing her Grammys.

    Lady Gaga at the #Oscars2015, after cleaning her 6 GRAMMY Awards:

    Some looked for explanations.

    .@ladygaga's #Oscars look is inspiring some memes...

    But there's really only one.

    "Why does Lady Gaga have dishwashing gloves on"

    And luckily, you can always get your own.

    But you CAN get Lady Gaga's gloves right now on Amazon Prime #Oscars