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Today Is National Working Naked Day, So Take Off All Your Clothes

Honestly, why do you still have pants on?

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Some offices have already done it — like onebestway, in Newcastle, UK, which had a Naked Friday.

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Their ~experiment~ was filmed for a one-off TV show called Naked Office that ran in 2009.

And the folks at San Francisco website Bold Italic did a month-long working naked experiment.

According to an Imgur post from one of the participants, "Sure, our heating bills went up a bit, and we could collect enough rogue pubes to furnish the scalp of a small doll, but it’s a very small price to pay for this level of workplace satisfaction."

"Working Naked Day is about celebrating the freedom you have to work from home and enjoying a sweet arrangement that allows you to spend time with your family, set your own hours, and say goodbye to your boss and annoying co-workers," she writes on her blog. "What you wear (or don't wear) and whether you dress (or undress) for success today and every day is up to you,"


Bold Italic's working naked thing was actually an April Fool's Day joke. Womp Womp.


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