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21 Haircuts So Bad They're Almost Good

Somebody please take the scissors away.

1. The lil' man.

2. The speed bump.

3. The best of both worlds.

4. The wraparound.

5. The great steppes.

6. Biz in front, braids in back.

7. The unicorn horn.

8. Did you mean "Jordan"?

9. The "I've eyes on the back of my head."

10. The no-mirror special.

11. The forehead 'stache.

12. The "all haircuts at once" look.

13. The great monk's cap of unsexy doom.

14. The "sure I know how to cut layers" cut.

15. This patchy style.

16. The disembodied tail.

17. This classic look.

18. The burned ramen.

19. The mid-arrest look.

20. This brand loyalist.

21. And whatever's happening here.