This Bizarre Japanese Contraption Claims To Stop Your Breasts From Sagging

    Boob nightmares, we all have them.

    Boobs are great and all, but sometimes they're a pain in the butt.

    Thankfully, someone in Japan created this v. useful, not-at-all creepy HAND CONTRAPTION to massage your boobs.

    "Normally a woman doesn't want a hand on her breasts like this uninvited," explains the description for the Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager. "If you agonize about a sagging bust, don't worry. You are not alone!" GOOD TO KNOW!

    How do you use it? First ~massage~ the back, then the side, then from underneath.

    You can get one of your own for just $52 from Japan Trend Shop.

    Here it is in — ahhhhhhh! — action.

    Click here to see one woman gently rake another woman's boobs.

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    As you do.