Pastel Rainbow Hair Is Basically The Prettiest Thing Ever

    #GrannyHair is so over.

    Feeling totally over #GrannyHair?

    Then may we suggest this PASTEL RAINBOW GOODNESS?

    Sure, it's not for everyone, but it does look pretty neat.

    Like really, really neat.

    Just look at this braid!!!

    And this girl's waves.

    This soft pastel gorgeousness.

    Her hair is like an ocean of awesomeness.

    Curls of cool.

    Some opt for just subtle section of the rainbow.

    While others go all out.

    If you're afraid of the ~commitment~ involved with so much hair dye, you can test out the look with this app.

    Either way, rainbow hair is a beautiful, bold statement.

    And hopefully it's here to stay.