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    This Makeup Artist's Celebrity Impressions Are Totally Spot-On

    Kandee Johnson has some pretty wild makeup skills.

    Beauty blogger Kandee Johnson is a makeup GENIUS and a master of disguise.

    The Los Angeles native and mother of four worked as a professional makeup artist for years before striking out on her own.

    Here she is as Kylie Jenner.

    Check out the time she turned herself into Edward Scissorhands.

    And Flo the Progressive lady.

    How about this spot-on Elsa from Frozen?

    Or Effie from The Hunger Games?

    Here's a little Tay-torial.

    Kandee as Angelina Jolie.

    And as style icon Audrey Hepburn too.

    Love Lucy? So does Kandee.

    Miley? You got it.

    And for the more adventurous, there's always this Queen of Hearts tutorial.

    Or Snow White (sans Seven Dwarves).

    She gives good Gwen Stefani too.

    Kandee says the key to her success is living by the motto "Make today better than yesterday."