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    This Is The Falkor The Luck Dragon Stuffed Animal That Every "NeverEnding Story" Fan Needs

    How did this take so long, tbh?

    Remember Falkor the Luck Dragon from The NeverEnding Story?

    Falkor rescues Atreyu from the Swamps of Sadness and helps him travel to the Southern Oracle. Also, he is the best furry dragon you could ever hope to meet.

    Also, he loved a good ear scratch.

    Well, the amazing folks at Etsy shop GameGuardians decided to make a handmade plush version of Falkor, and he's basically perfect.

    Look at that cute snout!

    And his lil' tail.

    Sadly, all of their current crop of Falkors is sold out. But thanks to the overwhelming response from crazy Falkor fans, GameGuardians says it's going to release the Falkor plush toy as a pattern so people can make their own.

    And remember: