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This Hot Guy Working Out With His Cat Is The Reason Instagram Exists

An active pussy is a happy pussy.

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Travis got Jacob as a kitten after going through a particularly rough time in his life.

"I needed some type of unconditional love so I said to myself 'self, let's get an orange fluffy soft kitten,'" Travis told BuzzFeed.


See??? Check out this workout vid.

Instagram: @travbeachboy

Travis says Jacob doesn't really mind being used as a weight. "It's kind of like 'uhhhhhh dad we're doing this again for you silly videos? Can I just go lay down or something?"

Working out with Jacob really does work up a sweat, says Travis.

"He weighs about 20 pounds so it's a decent workout," Travis told BuzzFeed.

But there are added benefits, too. "He's soft on the hands so I don't get those calluses like you do from weights at the gym." Plus, "When I'm done I have a built in towel system to dab my forehead dry."