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This Hot Guy Working Out With His Cat Is The Reason Instagram Exists

An active pussy is a happy pussy.

This is Canadian model and actor Travis Deslaurier.

And here's Travis with his BFF, Jacob the cat.

Travis got Jacob as a kitten after going through a particularly rough time in his life.

"I needed some type of unconditional love so I said to myself 'self, let's get an orange fluffy soft kitten,'" Travis told BuzzFeed.

Travis REALLY loves Jacob — he even got a tattoo on his arm of his kitty in a military helmet.

And they do everything together, including working out.

See??? Check out this workout vid.

Here's Travis and Jacob demonstrating Russian twists.

FYI, most people use medicine balls.

And overhead presses.

Working out with Jacob really does work up a sweat, says Travis.

"He weighs about 20 pounds so it's a decent workout," Travis told BuzzFeed.

But there are added benefits, too. "He's soft on the hands so I don't get those calluses like you do from weights at the gym." Plus, "When I'm done I have a built in towel system to dab my forehead dry."

It seems like Travis's fitness routine really gets results. What do you think?

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