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    This Hidden-Rainbow Hair Is Gonna Give You All Kinds Of Hair Goals

    Business on the top, party secreted away in the middle.

    Pssst... hey, check out this girl's cool AF hidden-rainbow hair.

    It's the work of Carla Rinaldi, a master technician at Not Another Salon in East London.

    Rinaldi and her fellow master technician Harriet Stokes have both completed the heavenly hair look. "We work in the district that's near bankers but also near the social area," Rinaldi told BuzzFeed. The hidden-color look reflects a mix of both.

    Hidden-rainbow hair isn't new per se, but HOW COOL does it look in braids?

    To do it, Rinaldi and Stokes lift up the top portion of the hair and apply an array of rainbow colors underneath.

    "The upkeep is pretty high maintenance and generally the color will wash out in a week or two weeks," Rinaldi told BuzzFeed. She also recommends that customers come back every four to six weeks to get their roots re-bleached.

    You can see how cool hidden rainbow hair looks in action here:

    So what are you waiting for? TASTE THE RAINBOW!