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This Guy's Wife Popped A 4-Year-Old Zit On His Face And The Result Is Disgustingly Mesmerizing

So much pus!

LOVE: It makes us do crazy things. Like pop ancient zits on the faces of our loved ones. That's exactly what Khristina Powell did for her husband Wade recently.

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Khristina, who lives with Wade in Coalgate, Oklahoma, noticed that he'd been living with the itinerant zit for more than four years. A registered nurse, she decided she wanted to finally do something about it.

First, Khristina gives Wade's cheek a gentle lil' squeeze and an avalanche of pus comes out.

As Wade winces, Khristina pushes once again, and another torrent of thick, crusty pus comes pouring out of his cheek.

Khristina then gives his pimple one last push and a final stream of yellow, chunky fluid emerges onto his cheek.

The things we do for love!