This Man's Hairy Back Will Make Your Jaw Drop

    Well, this is extreme.

    Say hello to Mike Wolfe, a very hairy man.

    Wolfe was heading to the beach one day and asked his friend Tyler Harding to shave a design into his body hair. They settled on a patriotic American flag design.

    From there, the friends from Nampa, Idaho, began testing out different designs. Using dry-erase markers and basic haircutting tools, Harding maps out designs in Wolfe's back and goes to town.

    Now, the pair do tons of special holiday shaves.

    Happy spooky, hairy, Halloween!

    Check out this Thanksgiving-themed lewk.

    Harding, whose day job is vice principal at a high school, says the key is continuously combing the hair with the grain as you shave. "And keep the shave lines fairly thick, otherwise you risk losing them altogether."

    You can buy a calendar of Wolfe and Harding's hairy creations at Calendhair.

    "Pssh, it's manhandling back hair," Wolfe told KVTB. "It's disgusting. But it's funny. You can't deny it's funny."