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    This Girl Is Taking Down Hipster Guys On Tinder One Profile At A Time

    Behold the wonder of Tinder in Brooklyn.

    Tinder can be a garbage wasteland to wade through. And nobody knows that better than Lindsay, the creator of the blog Tinder in Brooklyn.

    Yes, that man is wearing nothing but pizza.

    Lindsay, a law student, started the blog after noticing some truly troubling/mystifying Tinder profile pictures.

    For instance, guys making rape jokes, or lighting pineapples on fire in non-fire-retardant clothing.

    She went on Tinder to earnestly meet someone, but found "it's kind of impossible to Tinder date in Brooklyn because this is what you get," she told BuzzFeed Life.

    Yes, I'd love to meet a guy who's pointing a gun at me.

    Lindsay also noticed a proliferation of guys using photos of themselves posing with African natives.

    "Don't use poverty tourism pics in your Tinder profile," Lindsay told BuzzFeed Life. "Using kids to get a blow job? Are you fucking kidding me?"

    But there were other consistent tropes, too. Like guys cuddling with cute animals.

    And making pussy jokes about it.

    Posing with ~celebrities~.

    Wearing masks.

    And being just too creepy for words.

    Lindsay says that though her blog focuses on the hipster guys of Brooklyn, she's gotten emails from people around the world who've met similar folks in their Tinder searches.

    "There's hipster enclaves everywhere," said Lindsay. "And that is kind of interesting. You're not alone. It's a struggle out there."

    BTW, Andrew's shirt says "My life, my bike, my dick, my death," which, YES.

    But please, guys, whatever you do, don't wear a mask in your Tinder photo. Especially not this one.