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This Dog's Adorable Defect Saved His Life

Kiss the boxer's defect is what makes him special.

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Yup, his tongue hangs out 24/7.

Courtesy Michayla Lupien

According to his vet, Nancy Bureau, Kiss has two rare nerve disorders, which disturb both his tongue motion and the facial nerve on the right side of his face. They're both nonfatal disorders and don't put him in any pain.


Korres had recently lost her dog of 13 years, Shakira, and wasn't sure if she was ready for another pet.

But, she told 9 News, "I knew it in my heart when I saw his picture and I saw him at the shelter that he was gonna be mine."

Korres took him home five months ago and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Plus, Kiss gets along great with Korres' remaining dog, Cronus, a black Newfoundland; her two cats; and her three children.

Here he is celebrating Christmas (or Kiss-mas!).

Korres hopes that in getting the word out about Kiss and his amazing tongue, she can help raise awareness about differently abled animals.

"The bottom line of this story is rescuing any pet can be so rewarding!" she wrote on Kiss's Tumblr. "Although KISS has a funny tongue and a slight neurological problem, it makes him rich in character."