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    This Might Be The Ugliest Shirt Ever

    Behold, the TurtleV! A men's fashion revolution you didn't know you needed and probably don't want.

    How many times have you thought, "geez, I really love turtlenecks but I hate how warm my chest gets." Like, ALL THE TIMES, right?

    V-neck tees are ~great~ but they offer little protection for your neck.

    Enter the TurtleV, a fashion innovation, designed to give you that tight v-neck look whilst also offering superior neck coverage.

    I'm sure you're curious about how such a wild invention might work...

    According to TurtleV founders John Sautter and Craig O'Neill, wearing one will instantly make you cooler.

    The secret is basically stitching a turtleneck onto a v-neck.

    There is a lot of ~science~ involved with this endeavor.

    The TurtleV is currently looking for funding via Kickstarter.

    Though let's be honest, this can't actually be a real thing. (Can it?)