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This Butt Photo Project Aims To Show That No Two Behinds Are Alike

Because butts are beautiful.

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The pair started documenting butts in Quebec, and have since taken photos of volunteers in Mexico, Cuba, Switzerland, Malaysia, and the US.

1001 Fesses Project / Via

"Our goal is to show the beauty in any kind of body," Mercier and Marseille told BuzzFeed. "We hope to show another side of the female body outside of sexuality, a more poetic and intimate feeling that we all share when we open ourselves to authenticity and simplicity."

They photograph all the butts themselves — using film — which is part of the magic.

1001 Fesses Project / Via

"Most of the women who participate are always surprised to see their body in the pictures when they receive them," they said.

"We talk, we laugh, we learn to know this woman who is willing to unveil her body to our camera and to herself through images that will be developed only a few days or weeks later," they said.

"This whole process feels like a female ritual, bringing unknown women together in a safe and authentic environment, to chitchat about girl stuff and feel better about ourselves," they continued.

And sharing the photos with their subjects can often be transformative. "Sadly, most of the models have a first impression that they are ugly. But they love the pictures anyways...and slowly, most of them start seeing their beauty. We receive a lot of emails and calls from the models after a while, saying it helped them feel good about themselves."