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    Somebody Explain To Me How Saint Laurent Can Justify Selling Rubber Flip Flops For $495

    Well, this is bonkers.

    Quick quiz: One of these flippity-flops costs $495 and one costs $30. Which is which? /

    If you're saying that it's insane to pay either amount for a piece of rainbow rubber, well, yeah — but it's MOST insane to pay $495, right?

    Especially one that is the footwear equivalent of Nyan Cat.

    Or Neapolitan cookies.

    Or this dog desperately trying to eat a rainbow.

    And yet! Saint Laurent is charging $4-hundred-and-fucking-95 American dollars for these "Black Rainbow Nu Pied Sandals" that are ~made in Italy~ oooh la la.

    FYI, these Old Navy flip-flops are ALSO made out of rubber, and are only $6.94.

    So, if you, or your sad model boyfriend (pictured below), are thinking about purchasing these dumb sandals, please reconsider.

    And give me all your money, because you're obviously not responsible enough to have it yourself.

    H/T Saidah Blount