This Bearded, Tattooed MMA Fighter Is The Definition Of Daddy AF

    Oh, and he's a Potterhead, too.

    You guys, this is Shane Kirkwood.

    Shane is a model and MMA fighter from Dublin, Ireland, who is — yes — very, very, hot.

    "I got into mixed martial arts when I was 19. I was an out of shape guy — over 230 pounds and lacking confidence," he told BuzzFeed.

    Here he is in the mirror. :)

    Sometimes he wears clothes. : (

    And he definitely enjoys taking baths.

    But his favorite thing? Hanging out with his infant son Kingsley.

    Kingsley is named after Kingsley Shacklebolt from the Harry Potter series. Shane is obviously a big fan.

    "I love my son so much. He is my life and the reason I view the world the way I do. He makes everything better."

    The two are pretty inseparable. Shane brings Kingsley to the gym sometimes with him and lets him play on the mats.

    "I am often asked if I want him to fight when he's older, and I always answer I want him to pursue his dreams and I will help in any way," Shane told BuzzFeed.

    "My father unfortunately was not there for me, so I never want my son to experience that and in a way I guess I want to experience with him what I never experienced as a son."

    Shine on, Shane. And please, never shave your beard.