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This Dad Creates The Coolest, Scariest Halloween Pics With His Daughter

Not your typical father-daughter portraits.

Every October, Aaron Marable and his 3-year-old daughter Edith take part in a fun and spooky family tradition.

They call it Fright Nights — a month long series of scary, Halloween-y photos that Aaron takes, starring Edie.

Aaron, an artist, came up with the project as a way to spend some quality time with his daughter.

"It was really a way to be creative and hang out with my child, and engage her," he told BuzzFeed News. "It became about doing something that she could look back on and enjoy that we did together."

The photos include Edie fighting off monsters, encountering ghosts, and running into menacing creatures.

Aaron and Edie take one spooky picture each day, with Aaron creating new scary scenarios on the fly.

"It's like how any artist comes up with any idea," he said. "I let my mind wander until it latches onto something."

Aaron says he wasn't a big Halloween person before he started the Fright Night series.

"I've probably watched four Halloween movies in my life. My friends are like, 'Do a scene out of blah blah blah' and I won't know what they're talking about. But I like the creepy element of things. I like stuff that's unsettling."

Edie's involvement in the pics has changed somewhat since the project started three years ago.

"At first, she was fairly at my mercy but now we've changed roles and I'm now at her mercy in some ways, because she's a strong-willed kid. But what's interesting too is that she's really started to take direction, and she's calls me director at this point, and I call her actress."

Aaron is quick to stress that Edie understands that what she's doing — and the scenarios they're creating — are make-believe.

"She has no context for terror, so they're not terrorizing to her. She's not being damaged, because she understands it as only good times as a family together," he said.

The shots are filmed in familiar locations, at one of the Marables' two Lawrence, Kansas, homes.

And both Aaron and his wife Kendra are always present, so Edie feels safe and protected.

So while the pictures might evoke feelings of terror, spookiness or dread, Edie herself never actually feels scared herself.

Plus, Edie loves having a fun project to work on with her dad.

"She's really into role-playing and pretending, and this photo series goes hand-in-hand with that," Aaron told BuzzFeed News. "For her, it's kind of becoming a ridiculous family tradition. If we can continue to do this each season we'll get to watch our daughter grow through these weird images."

And for Aaron and Kendra, that's what's so special about the project.

"I feel like a lot of artists tend to think that studio time and family time are separate and i tend to agree. But for us, this was a really cool merger of the two."

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