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    This 103-Year-Old Woman Dressed Up As Wonder Woman For Her Birthday And It's Perfect

    Mary Cotter is truly a badass.

    What did you do for your last birthday?

    Because Mary Cotter, of Montclair, Calif., spent hers volunteering at a senior center. In a Wonder Woman costume. And oh yeah, she's 103 YEARS OLD.

    Mary's been a volunteer at the senior center for years. She lives alone and drives to the center to work and help out five days a week.

    "They call me the barmaid because I'm serving drinks," she told KABC.

    How baller is Mary? She was on her high school's swim team in the 1930s, taught swimming in the '60s, and helped to rescue sea turtles into her '90s.

    The Wonder Woman costume was a gift to Mary from some of her friends, who felt it really represented her indomitable spirit.

    As for her life secret? "Just keep busy I guess."

    Check out Mary's whole amazing story here.