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These Fantastically Bearded Best Friends Will Make You Thirsty AF

The Gay Beards have serious facial hair game.

These two super foxes are the Gay Beards, a pair of best friends from Portland, Oregon.

The beard-o on the right is Johnathan Dahl and the beard on the left is Brian Delaurenti and they've been best friends since they were 8-years-old.

They like to stick things in their beards.

And they definitely don't take life too seriously.

The two started their shared Instagram about six months ago as a way of because, they told BuzzFeed Life, "we both have insane amounts of creative energy that need to be expelled."

What do they put in their beards? OH, JUST ABOUT ANYTHING.

Paint celebrating gay marriage? Yes, definitely.

And no matter the case, still manage to look really, really stupidly hot.

"Often times people wonder if we can keep conjuring up beard art, but we really feel like we're just getting started," they told BuzzFeed Life.

"We don't take ourselves very seriously, but we very much would like to make some sort of positive impact on those following us."

After all, beards bring friends together.

"We've always been creatively ambitious people, but we really wanted The Gay Beards to be a source of inspiration and humor for both beard lovers and haters alike. "

And give us so much joy.

"Overall, this was a personal mission for us to give something back to the world, and so far, we have gotten back so much more than anything we ever thought could be possible."

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