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    WTF Is Up With These Freakishly Realistic Cat Bags?

    Live your wildest crazy cat lady dreams.

    Admit it, dis is kinda you.

    Feel u.

    Well, Japanese bagmaker Pico has the perfect bag for you. It's a cat. A creepily realistic cat.

    Pico bagmaker Miho creates incredibly lifelike cat replicas that sit at the intersection of cute and creepy.

    Put stuff on your cat and IN your cat. And freak out everyone you come in contact with.

    Its eyes follow you around the roooooom.

    The bags come in orange tabby, gray, calico...basically every cat varietal.

    You can get your own disturbingly lifelike cat purse by reaching out to Miho — warning, though: The site is mostly in Japanese.

    H/T The Gloss

    The meow you know.