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    These Magnified Pimple Popping Videos Are Either Your Most Beautiful Dream Or Your Scariest Nightmare

    You're gross. You love it. It's fine! H/T/ Allure

    Hey yo, stop what you're doing, 'cos I'm about to ruin, well, EVERYTHING.

    Why? Because I discovered these magnified pimple popping videos and they are AMAZING.

    This South Korean Instagram and YouTube channel's mission is "broadcasting blackhead [and] whitehead videos using the microscope and tweezers."

    And while we honestly can't recommend that you go to town on your face with tweezers (really, don't do this), it is mesmerizing to watch the pus come out.

    Watch as someone uses this weird U-shaped scrape-y tool to de-pus-ify their face.

    Revel in delight as these ingrown hairs are swiftly removed.

    Gag in horror as someone pulls out blackheads from their damn face.

    Don't fight the feeling, you know you love it.

    Ah, sweet relief.