These French Guys Are So Well Dressed It Hurts

    Hello, new boyfriends.

    Say hello to The Gentlemen — seven of the best-dressed guys in Paris, and your new style goals.

    The crew share an Instagram where they post hot as hell photos of themselves in fly outfits.

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    Featured on the blog Looking For Heroes, these men epitomize the modern "dandy" look.

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    The culture of Dandyism — the well-dressed, refined gentleman — began in London in the 19th century, but these guys put a modern twist on it.

    Mohamed, 29, says he was influenced by his father's sense of style.

    Maxime, 26, has always been into fashion. "I was just born with it. You can’t ask someone why they like strawberries. It’s just that they do. Fashion is just within me," he said.

    Being a dandy, explains Vasta, isn't about spending a ton on your wardrobe, either.

    It's just about putting a little time and attention into what you're wearing.

    Thanks guys, for giving us life.