These Jeans Look Like Diapers And It's Just A Lot To Deal With


    Behold! The diaper jean. OK, that's not actually what it's called, but these denim pants — a collaboration between Y/Project and Opening Ceremony — do look a little bit like a diaper.

    So what's the deal with them? Welp, they're jeans that detach and turn into shorts.


    If one pair of diaper pants isn't enough, you can also get them in black.

    The cut is different but also insane.

    And if that isn't batcrackers enough, why not go for these — sighwhatever these are.

    If you're saying, hey, that looks like the top third of a jean skirt connected to the bottom half of a pair of pants, well, you'd be right.

    Officially they are known as "garter straps jeans" and they seem highly difficult to wear.

    So yeah, I think we can all agree: