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These Photos Of Abandoned Amusement Parks Will Totally Creepy You Out

Do not want to go to there.

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His aim? To use photography to "inspire social awareness," he told BuzzFeed Life.

Seph Lawless

"Globalization, population loss and outsourcing of American jobs has had a devastating affect on American cities." Lawless continued. "I believe strongly that art is the very best weapon to promote a sustainable change especially amongst today's youth."

How eerie are these abandoned swings at the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park in West Virginia?

Seph Lawless

The park was actually built on the site of a native American Indian burial ground. And at least two children were killed at the park during its operation.

If some of the photos feel particularly menacing, that's because many of them were actually shot during tornado season in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Seph Lawless

"I was literally out-running tornados the best I could in my Toyota Prius," Lawless told BuzzFeed Life. "It was one of many times while creating this project that I was truly afraid."

This photo was taken at the abandoned Joyland Amusement Park in Wichita, Kansas.


These images are from the long-abandoned Spreepark in the former East Germany.

The park officially closed in 2002, though you can occasionally tour the grounds. Several of the park's main attractions were actually shipped by its owners to Peru, where they tried and failed to open a new park in Lima.


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