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    You Probably Didn't Even Realize How Great This Place Is For Cheap Beauty Products


    Fam, I know you probably know about T.J.Maxx. It's great for discount EVERYTHING. BUT DID YOU KNOW they have SO MANY beauty products? AND YOU CAN BUY THEM ONLINE?!?



    1. This amazing-smelling lotion from Nuxe, that tightens pores and mattifies the skin.

    What it is: Made in France, it contains florentine iris and rosemary floral water, is paraben-free, and is great for combination and oily skin types.

    T.J.Maxx price: $14.99

    Compare to: $19 (via

    You save: $4

    2. This Lancome gel cleanser is for all skin types and luxuriates your skin in pearly foam.

    What it is: Contains anti-oxidant white lotus, soothing rose and hydrating cedar bud.

    T.J.Maxx price: $19.99

    Compare to: $29.44 (via

    You save: $9.45

    3. Give your hair awesomely beachy waves with this Pearlescence sea spray.

    What it is: A light mist formulated with natural sea salt to give your hair a texture boost.

    T.J.Maxx price: $7.99

    Compare to: $20 (via Jocott Brands)

    You save: $12

    4. Get the complexion of your dreamz with this Grapeseed toner mist.

    What it is: Helps purify and disinfect problematic skin, may be used to hydrate and refresh throughout the day or as a traditional final cleansing step.

    T.J.Maxx price: $7.99

    Compare to: $16 (via The Grapeseed Company)

    You save: $8

    5. This delicious-smelling Caudalie peach shower gel will get you feeling so fresh and so clean.

    What it is: A pH-balancing shower gel that's nonirritating and enriched with aloe vera.

    T.J.Maxx price: $9.99

    Compare to: $21 (via Amazon)

    You save: $11

    6. This luxurious Theorie argan body wash will make you love taking showers so much.

    What it is: A highly concentrated and delicately perfumed body wash, enriched with vitamins A, C, E, and keratin.

    T.J.Maxx price: $14.99. Psssst, you can get Theorie's grapefruit conditioner for $14.99 and its grapefruit shampoo, too.

    Compare to: $19 (via Amazon)

    You save: $4

    7. Skin feeling dry and listless? Try this charcoal-infused moisturizer from Peabody & Paisley to protect and enrich.

    What it is: Scented with Neroli oil, this lotion uses white charcoal to protect the skin from environmental toxins and seal in moisture.

    T.J.Maxx price: $9.99

    Compare to: $20 (via Jocott Brands)

    You save: $10

    8. Perricone M.D.'s blue plasma cleansing treatment will make your skin feel ah-mazing.

    What it is: A no-rinse formula that deeply cleanses makeup and skin-aging debris as it gently exfoliates and conditions.

    T.J.Maxx price: $34.99

    Compare to: $45 (via Blue Mercury)

    You save: $10

    9. The Mia Clarisonic is so adorable and tiny but also packs a major punch when it comes to getting your face clean and clear.

    What it is: A compact Clarisonic that cleans your skin using two different settings.

    T.J.Maxx price: $149.99

    Compare to: $219 (via Clarisonic)

    You save: $69

    10. This cleanser from La Roche-Posay does double duty as a makeup remover.

    What it is: A nonirritating, foaming cleanser and makeup remover.

    T.J.Maxx price: $24.99

    Compare to: $23.99 (via La Roche-Posay) for half the quantity

    You save: $23

    11. And this Clarins cleansing milk is so soft and gentle even the most sensitive skin will be able to handle it.

    What it is:

    T.J.Maxx price: $24.99

    Compare to: $32 (via Sephora)

    You save: $7

    12. These cute as hell animal face masks offer moisturizing goodness to your skin.

    What it is: A nourising mask that repairs and heals tired skin.

    T.J.Maxx price: $12.99 (for pack of 10)

    Compare to: $38 (via Skin18)

    You save: $25

    13. This lil' hyaluronic acid serum from Measurable Difference will make your skin feel so damned moisturized and plump.

    What it does: Hyaluronic acid is a deeeeeeply moisturizing serum that can totally hydrate the skin.

    T.J.Maxx price: $7.99

    Compare to: $14.99 (via Measurable Difference)

    You save: $7

    14. This anti-aging cream from Ren will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    What it is: An anti-aging cream containing bio-retinoid that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    T.J.Maxx price: $49.99

    Compare to: $65 (via Sephora)

    You save: $15

    15. This clarifying facial toner from Lancôme will get your skin in order.

    What it is: An alcohol-free toner with natural rose and elderberry extracts gently removes makeup and debris from your skin.

    T.J.Maxx price: $34.99

    Compare to: $44 (via Lancome)

    You save: $9

    So, in sum, if you bought everything on this list from T.J.Maxx instead of the other guy, you'd save...DRUMROLL PLEASE: