This Unicorn Frappuccino Is The Drink You're Gonna See All Over Instagram

    So colorful! So mythical!

    This insanely colorful, magical drink below? Oh, it's just a UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO.

    The drink not only changes colors, but it also changes FLAVORS as you drink it.

    So what's actually in this multi-colored wonder? According to Starbucks, the drink is made with a cream Frap base. It gets its extreme color from the layers of purple mango syrup and sour blue syrup.

    In a statement to USA Today, Starbucks highlighted the drink's color-changing capabilities.

    Starbucks employees who've tried it say it's a little bit sweet and a little bit sour.

    If all that sounds good to you, you better head to the 'Bucks soon — it's only available from April 19 to April 23.

    Now go forth and frapp happy.