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    Women Are Wearing Plastic Bag Onesies In Taiwan

    REALLY cheap chic.

    Got an extra plastic bag lying around? You could be a part of the latest fashion trend: WEARING A PLASTIC BAG LIKE A GODDAMN LEOTARD.

    It apparently started in Taiwan.

    Girls took to fashioning outfits from little more than 7-Eleven bag and some strategically placed hair.

    Several Taiwanese are having a laugh about it.

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    One even decided to go for a motorcycle ride in his.

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    Soon the trend spread. To cats.

    And babies.

    And butts.

    Many Taiwanese are less than thrilled with this burgeoning ~trend~. But it does have a lot going for it — namely that it's basically free to get in on.

    One common sentiment was echoed by this commenter, who said: "To me there's only a thin line between fashion and inappropriateness."

    And several male Facebook commenters were critical of the plastic bag craze. "We men are criticized of objectifying women all the time!! But many women are actually objectifying themselves!! Men are just treated as shields!" wrote this commenter.

    Among all the comments from male users, this woman also spoke out in criticism of the trend. "Dare them wear it outside?" she asks.

    But some users are actually okay with the look. This one says, "Why so serious? Of course they are just having fun. Does everything have to be meaningful?"

    So anyway, feel free to get out there and get your bag on.