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The Hashtag #PlusSizeAppreciation Is Trending On Twitter

The hashtag calls for greater plus-size acceptance.

It's a good day to be on Twitter.

#PlusSizeAppreciation so happy hashtags like this exist instead of something that makes us put each other down for what we look like.

Why? Well...

RT @Awkward_Duck: Is it too late to contribute to #PlusSizeAppreciation ? // 🙌

Women have taken to sharing selfies with the hashtag #PlusSizeAppreciation.

#PlusSizeAppreciation hey guess who's cute ! hint it's me

The idea? Celebrate your body no matter the size.

"@luenic: #PlusSizeAppreciation I'm in love 😍 " @JadaSezer

Learn to embrace your curves.

I love me, all of me #PlusSizeAppreciation

And love yourself.

220? 😩 slay me RT @Chaantellie: #PlusSizeAppreciation slaying 220 lbs , luh yaself ”

For a lot of women, the hashtag is a chance to try to appreciate things about their bodies they'd previously rejected.

#PlusSizeAppreciation a lot of the time I hate everything about my body, but im rocking my big thighs & I love it 💕

It's also a chance to express how they're works in progress.

#PlusSizeAppreciation After years of being bullied over my weight & hating myself, I'm trying to love ME.

And to show the world how beautiful plus-size women are.

Putting these up to bless time lines #PlusSizeAppreciation

Because ultimately:

#PlusSizeAppreciation because self love shouldnt be based on the size of your pants


#PlusSizeAppreciation bc i luv myself n that is okay!!!!!