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    The #DropThePlus Campaign Wants Us To Stop Using The Term "Plus-Size"

    "We don’t label anyone else that way: chef and plus-sized chef, comedian and plus sized-comedian, doctor and plus-sized doctor. ... So why women?"

    Australian model Stefania Ferrario was tired of being shoehorned into the plus-size modeling market.

    Ferrario partnered with Australia's host of The Biggest Loser, Ajay Rochester, to start the #droptheplus campaign.

    Rochester, too, was frustrated by how she believed women had been hurt by the "plus" label.

    Rochester said she was moved to start #droptheplus because she felt that the distinction between plus- and straight-sized women was dangerous.

    "It's dangerous thinking and dangerous labeling and it's outdated," Rochester wrote on her blog. "We don't label anyone else that way: chef and plus sized chef, comedian and plus sized comedian, doctor and plus sized doctor, teacher and plus sized teacher. So why models and/or women? We are humans, we come in all shapes and sizes."

    Instead, Rochester wants women to embrace their bodies as they are. She believes that starting with the fashion industry will be a big step in the right direction.

    "Describing a beautiful, healthy, fit woman as 'plus' shows that [bigger women] are not fully accepted in the fashion industry and subconsciously tells these girls they will never be enough unless they shrink to fit the mold," she wrote. "By creating a segregated system of acceptance we then pave the way for bullying.

    The #DropThePlus campaign has quickly taken off across Twitter.

    #beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so #droptheplus

    Terms such as plus size strip people of their self-esteem and creates people who don't feel as beautiful as they should #droptheplus

    #droptheplus because people who fit in bigger clothing sizes should never feel like their body isn't normal

    Love this <3 @ajayrochester #droptheplus

    But not everyone supports the campaign: Plus-size blogger Marie Southard Ospina told BuzzFeed Life she feels like #DropThePlus "fails to account for the thousands of women who have been inspired and empowered by movements in size acceptance."

    "Obviously those of us who crave size inclusivity hope for the day when size descriptors are irrelevant," she continued.