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    The Average Engagement Ring In The US Costs More Than $6,000 These Days

    According to a survey from the Knot.

    Engagement rings: They're a big deal.

    And they're also a big business. In 2012, US couples spent around $11 billion on engagement and wedding rings.

    Wedding site the Knot recently surveyed 14,000 users to find out their engagement ring habits, and came up with a surprising array of data.

    Among the data: People tend to spend around 3 1/2 months looking for an engagement ring, and the most popular rings are round-cut stones.

    Perhaps most surprisingly, the average engagement ring now costs $6,351.

    Business Insider partnered with jeweler Ritani to determine where the most and least expensive rings are purchased.

    Utahns spent the least on rings, averaging $3,518 per sparkly bauble.

    While Californians spent the most — averaging $10,241 per ring.

    Other states at the lower end include Vermont ($3,941), South Dakota ($4,832), and Minnesota ($5,630).

    States that spent more on average included Massachusetts ($8,426), North Carolina ($9,225), and Wisconsin ($8,766).

    Click here to check out the full list of engagement ring costs per state. And tell us: Does this list check out? If you've bought an engagement ring, does it line up with the average cost in your state?